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MyDMV Account Terms of Service

The purpose of a MyDMV account is to permit the User to enroll for secure and simplified access to a variety of DMV’s online applications and services.

MyDMV refers to a system established by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV),in cooperation with the New York State Chief Information Officer/Office for Technology (CIO/OFT), for providing secure access to DMV’s online services.

In order to create a MyDMV account, DMV will permit Users to select a Sign In Username and Password, which will then be forwarded with the User's identity information to the New York State Directory Services (NYSDS) maintained by CIO/OFT. When the User logs-in to their MyDMV account via the web portal NY.GOV ID, the NYSDS will verify that you are the registered User for your account, and you will be permitted access to DMV's secure web applications. This process is designed for your security. Your Sign In Username and Password, and identity information will be used solely for the purpose of the NYSDS.

Users must abide by the MyDMV Terms of Service, as well as any applicable NYSDS (NY.GOV ID) Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy, to use the MyDMV and NYSDS system.

Once Users select their Username and Password, they may use the same Username and Password to sign up for and use secure web applications provided by other NYS agencies participating in the NYSDS. After registering at the other agencies, Users simply need to log-in at NY.GOV ID.

By accepting these Terms of Service, User certifies that all identifying personal information provided to create or access his or her MyDMV account is accurate and pertains solely to the User. Any false statement, certification, or information provided in creating or using a MyDMV account constitutes a criminal act which may result in the imposition of criminal sanctions. Any false statement made in connection with creating the MyDMV account, and each fraudulent log-in to access MyDMV applications or services may be treated as a separate criminal act for the purpose of imposing criminal sanctions.

Applicants for a MyDMV account will be sent a Temporary Password by email. The Temporary Password is used to complete the MyDMV account application online. Upon completion of the application , Users enter a permanent Sign In Username and Password for gaining access to MyDMV applications and services, in addition to other New York State services which may be made available through NYSDS.

Users are solely responsible for all activity related to the use of their MyDMV account.

Users shall protect their Temporary Passwords, Sign In Usernames, and Passwords from disclosure to any other individual or entity, and shall not permit the use of their MyDMV account by another.

In the event that the User's related NYSDS account is deactivated for any reason, his or her MyDMV account shall also be deactivated, and thereafter access to MyDMV applications and online services shall be denied.

Any individual MyDMV application or online service in which the User is enrolled can be separately deactivated, in accordance with the business rules established for access to, or use of, a particular application or service.

If the user's NYSDS account is disabled, access to all MyDMV applications and services will be denied until the account is unlocked through NYSDS.

By accepting these Terms of Service, the MyDMV account holder (user) agrees to

  • Not bypass or attempt to bypass any security controls for access to the MyDMV account
  • Not make any MyDMV/NYSDS password known to anyone or to put passwords in written form unsecured
  • Prevent disclosure of passwords;
  • Prevent others from watching password entry;
  • Prevent others from guessing the password by not using the names of persons, places, or things that are identified with the user as part of the password;
  • Log off of the system whenever the user's computer is unattended;
  • Comply with any requirement to recertify identity or to change the user password;
  • Report any known or suspected breaches of MyDMV system security to DMV immediately after discovery of the occurrence.

I have read the MyDMV Terms of Service and I agree to its terms, and I understand my responsibilities for the use and protection of my Sign In Username and Password. Further, I understand the consequences that may result from unauthorized disclosure or inappropriate use. If I fail to adhere to any of the provisions of the Terms of Service, the NYS DMV may immediately revoke my Username without prior notification, and may take other action it deems appropriate.

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